Dear Colleagues,

Important Action needed NOW in support of our Tümtis colleagues in Turkey

Since 2012 Tümtis has been fighting DHL to get recognition – the first hurdle was taken in 2013 when after 476 days on the picket line Tümtis was recognized at DHL Supply Chain in Turkey.

Upon the conclusion of the ITF/UNI protocol in 2016 Tümtis began organizing the DHL Express division and recruited the majority of the workers according to Turkish law (40% of the total workforce). According to that very same law, as soon as this recognition is confirmed by the Ministry of Labour, negotiations must start unless objection is made in court.

Tümtis obtained this recognition and DHL Express filed an objection on 8th March 2017. An objection is a tactic used to prolong the recognition process whilst increasing pressure on individual workers through dismissals, discrimination, mobbing and suppressing the organizing drive. This process can go on for years – the next hearing will be on 5th June 2018.

Tümtis colleagues have again been on the picket line for more than 320 days – we must make sure that DHL Express removes their objection NOW!!

So please join in our ACTION and address the annexed letters to:

  • your local DHL management
  • your responsible Minister of Transport AND your Minister of Labour Relations/Employment
  • your media

You can find at the following link models of these letters, a press release, a fact sheet and a banner in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch. or alternatively at

Every other solidarity action would be greatly appreciated – more detailed information on Tümtis’s struggle for recognition can be found in the annexed fact sheet. Please make sure you inform ETF/ITF secretariats of your actions and please do not forget to take pictures.

This intimidation and union busting has gone on long enough – it is time to show some firm solidarity with our Turkish colleagues. Their DHL Express members, and by extension all DHL Express workers deserve a fair & negotiated collective bargaining agreement.