Switzerland joins the action day

The Swiss transport union SEV joins the campaign by sending a protest letter to the local DHL management, asking that trade union rights are respected in all countries were DHL is operating.

Italians write to their ministers to denounce DHL policy in Turkey

Italian union FILT-CGIL wrote to the Italian Minister of transport and to the Minister of Labour to denounce DHL policy in Turkey against Tümtis.

Colombians join the DHL campaign in support of Turkish DHL workers

DHLExpress continues to ignore basic workers’ rights by refusing to recognise TÜMTIS. Solidarity from SNTT Colombia!

Support from Korea to the DHL campaign

  The Korean Public Service and Transport Workers’ Union (KPTU) sends a letter to the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to the Republic of Korea asking to use its influence to ensure basic democratic rights for Tümtis.

Danish DHL workers support campaign

Danish DHL workers ask DHL to recognise Tümtis NOW!

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