“About a year and a half ago I was mentally tired, disillusioned, and depressed. I lost 13 kg. I was in a bad way. With all the work and with the problems I have with the company, anyone would lose weight.”
Manuel Marin, DHL worker for 15 years, Colombia

Those are the words of one of the many workers from Panama, Chile and Colombia who lined up to testify on the 4th March in Bogota, Colombia at the launch of Breaking The Code, an independent investigation into Deutsche Post-DHL’s operations in Latin America.

“DHL workers have been telling us for some time now that that DP-DHL fosters and promotes anti-union aggression in its operations in Latin America. We now have the evidence that DP-DHL is breaking its own code of conduct on how its workers should be treated.”
Antonio Fritz, ITF regional secretary for the Americas

DHL was forced to defend itself publicly when the world’s media picked up the workers’ voices and the report.

DHL Media Coverage

DHL workers and union leaders stood shoulder-to-shoulder with their brothers and sisters in Latin America. Activities from marches to press conferences to protests at German embassies helped spread the word about the report’s findings.
Follow the story at  www.facebook.com/pages/Respect-at-DHL/138067789594599 and find out more at www.breaking-the-code.com

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