October 2010


Las y los dirigentes y activistas de SITET informaron que, luego de la distribución de volantes a las y los trabajadores de DHL el 7 de octubre, como parte de la Semana de Acción exigiendo “Respeto y Seguridad”, la respuesta de la sacudida dirección local DHL en Costa Rica, fue organizar una asamblea de personal el 11 de octubre para exigir a sus empleados (as) que no deben prestar atención a lo que cualquier sindicalista diga y que eviten hablar con nosotros ya que sólo estaríamos mintiéndoles a ellos de todos modos.

Unions brushes off desperate DHL Management Costa Rica claims that they are liars

SITET activists reported that following the leafleting of DHL employees on 7th October as part of the “Respect and Safety” Week of Action, in response, a rattled local DHL management in Costa Rica organised a workers’ meeting on 11th October to demand that the DHL employees should not pay any attention to what any trade unionist says and to avoid speaking to us as we would only be lying to them anyway.

First year for events in Chennai

50 activists from both DHL and Fedex held a demonstration at DHL and Fedex Offices. The workers demand was clearly portrayed to the management who were clearly shocked by the action.

Italian unions in call for respect.

FILT CGIL in Italy are talking face-to-face with workers from DHL and UPS throughout Italy. FILT CGIL delegates have distributed leaflets to DHL workers and have organised for a mess emailing of letters of protest to Frank Appel, CEO of DHL in Bonn.

CAW members Protest a Lack of Respect and Demand Change

On Thursday October 6, 2010 over 80 DHL employees, members of CAW Local 4050 in Alberta, staged an early morning protest to demand that DHL management respect their right to be heard, respected and included in the success of the company and to demand that DHL stop ignoring their collectively elected voice, namely the Canadian Auto Workers Union.

DHL Employees Union, Mumbai, observe International Action week.

On October 8, at 9.00 a.m. approximately 25 members of the union assembled in front of the DHL country office with a union banner, action week posters and placards demanding justice for workers.

Our working conditions matter to us !

SITET joined the Global Week of Action of UNI and ITF with the very first “Respect and Solidarity! Know Rights!” day for DHL workers in Costa Rica, who have seen their own labor rights and benefits systematically violated.

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