November 2009

Dispute ends as Deutsche Post workers in Germany reach deal

Postal workers at Deutsche Post in Germany have won an agreement to extend their wage contract, ending a dispute that had been set to affect the Xmas holiday period. The workers, represented by the ITF-affiliated German union, Ver.di, reached the… Continue Reading →

French unions in strike action over DHL parcel service plans

Some 60 DHL sites across France took part in strike action this week following a call from French unions.

The workers, represented by a number of unions, including ITF affiliates, walked out on strike in a dispute over possible proposals by DHL to sell off its parcel delivery service, which could affect some 3,500 jobs.

DHL Workers in Panama Demonstration

On 10th November, members of SIELAS, along with other organisations, marched to commemorate the 188th year of independence of Panama from Spain and to honour those who sacrificed their lives. They also expressed their solidarity with DHL workers and the… Continue Reading →

SITET supports global call to respect workers rights

The Industrial Union of Electrical and Telecommunication Workers in Costa Rica, SITET, joined the DHL week of action. The political decision was taken by the union’s board in its meeting on 13 November.

Trabajadores de DHL en Colombia pueden contar con ITF y UNI

Representantes del Sindicato de Trabajadores Postales en Colombia, STPC distribuyeron volantes y tarjetas postales a los y las trabajadores de DHL en Bogotá como parte de la semana de acción mundial.

Acto histórico en sociedad guatemalteca

El 12 de noviembre, los sindicatos de Guatemala USTAC (Unión Sindical de Trabajadores de Aeronáutica Civil) y SITRADGTMICIVI (Sindicato de la Dirección General de Transportes del Ministerio de Comunicaciones, Infraestructura y Vivienda) llevaron a cabo una marcha de protesta no sólo exigiendo “respeto a los trabajadores de DHL”, pero también “Respeto a los Derechos de los Trabajadores en General”, porque en Guatemala, no solo las empresas multinacionales atropellen los derechos de los trabajadores, sino también los nacionales.

UNI World Executive joins DHL respect for workers campaign

More than 100 UNI Global Union activists and members of Swiss communications union SYNDICOM hold a demonstration at the global headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland, on Tuesday telling Deutsche Post DHL not to “put the squeeze” on its workers.

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